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About Us

Art and Wendi met at Pine Grove United Methodist Church, right here in Kernersville North Carolina.  They formed a friendship during tough times that was strengthened through openness, honesty, and patience.  Over time, that friendship turned into love and it has grown every day since.  Art and Wendi  turn that love not only towards each other, but towards the farm and the events that they host here.

Animals on the Farm


We have two ponies, Trixie and Luci.  They love to be petted and brushed. 

We have two miniature donkeys. They are both girls. Janine is grey and is the oldest, Baby is the brown one. They are both very sweet and love to be petted.

We have 2 Babydoll sheep. They are miniature sheep and are bred as pets. Anna is white and Bob is brown. They are loud and super cute.

Dewberry Farms has three quarter horses, Gimp is a Dunn (light brown) and he is the boss. Taz is a Tri Paint (brown, white and black) and he is the most lovable and likes to be petted. Shaker is a Palomino/Paint (blonde color) and he is the calmest and loves his picture taken.


We have several Boar/Nubian goats, they are super playful and love treats.

Our newest animal is a Highland Cow, her name is Emma. She loves attention, animal crackers and to be brushed.

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